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Layoffs of staff started this week at University of Regina

The University of Regina is currently carrying out layoffs, but the extent and quantity of these cuts have not yet been disclosed. According to an email statement from the university’s spokesperson, Paul Dederick, the job terminations have commenced this week. However, Dederick added that the university cannot currently provide details …

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RCMP timeline of James Smith massacre

The Saskatchewan RCMP has disclosed a sequence of events regarding a violent attack on a First Nation in Saskatchewan that resulted in 11 fatalities and 17 injuries. The brutal incident involved multiple stabbings in the James Smith Cree Nation area and initiated a four-day extensive search for the alleged perpetrator, …

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Bill C-11 becomes Law after years of pushback

After facing resistance and extensive scrutiny in parliament, the federal Liberal government’s Online Streaming Act, also known as Bill C-11, has finally passed in the Senate and become law. On Thursday evening, the Senate gave its approval to the bill, with Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez accepting some amendments proposed …

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